Finished circle patio Day one empty garden Block edging installed Patio side of conservatory Curved wall to lawn edge Path to greenhouse View from circular patio View from conservatory Completed garden
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Your Personal Invitation

We invite you to continue viewing the web site which will show you some of our achievements to date and some information about ourselves. If you like what you see maybe you would like to contact us giving us the opportunity of meeting you to discuss your particular requirements.

The Country Life Landscapes, operating from the office in Norton close to Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, employs a team of professional landscapers who designs, creates and maintains gardens for clients in Suffolk and surround areas.

Meeting the clients, discussing their requirements, drawing up the plans and giving accurate estimates is just the first stage of what our company can do for you.

As a company we have the abilities to provide complete garden make-overs, we can carry out any work the client requires within the boundaries of the garden from the simple laying of a block pathway and patio to a complete re-design of the entire garden however large or small. We are just one e-mail or phone call away. We will visit you, advise where requested giving you the necessary estimate for your perusal along with garden plans if requested.

We have been asked...

Over the past six years we have been asked to provide all sorts of different assignment other than the construction of complete new gardens and maintaining existing ones. Here are just a few examples:

Can you provide us with a base for a new summer house and build a new wall?

That was just part of the whole landscaping project, the summer house is being built by the customer himself and when completed I am sure I would be able to put the photograph on our gallery page.

  New wall with base for Summer House
Old Tennis Court replaced with new lawn  

Can you remove our old tennis court and replace it with a new lawn?

Access was always going to be a problem in the removal of this full size professional tennis court , but we were allowed to enter the garden from a neighbours field, it was just as well as we had to remove in excess of 25 tonnes of hardcore, but now we have replaced this feature with a beautiful lawn.

Can you cut our lawn on a regular basis, its quite large and also cut the eight acre paddock behind the fence?

Maintained by ourselves on a bi-weekly basis, these gardens look so beautiful, we cut the paddock occasionally through the summer season and now when the sun shines the large country house looks so perfect in the suffolk countryside.


Can you provide us with a quantity of summer hanging basket?

We always have a large collection of summer flowering hanging baskets in our cottage garden surrounding Treeholme as well as a stock of baskets which we can sell - just a phone call away.

We need some top soil, can you help?

By using our 3 tonne trailer and landrover we were able to deliver to this customer the required amount of topsoil needed. As we are constantly moving materials like this in and out of our landscaping projects we are always in a position to deliver individual requirements.


Can you build us a bespoke pergola?

Very rarely if ever would we construct a (buy in) pergola system, we just build on site bespoke pergolas matched to the requirements of our customers.

We have a lot of earth to move, can you help?

We remember so clearly driving this 6 tonne dumper backwards and forwards to that particular site in the snow and ice, supplying the required materials for a very long drive. This is one of the services that we can undertake.


A delivery lorry knocked into our main gate pillar, can you rebuild it for us?

This pillar was taken down to the ground, steel bars inserted and now the newly fabricated pillar can be used to close the heavy gates to this country house once again.

Its now springtime, our lawn needs scarifying and feeding, can you help?

Yes, it did take a lot of walking that afternoon, the large feeder had broken, but we had promised the customer to spring feed the lawns on that day and we had to use what we had on the van in reserve. Not a problem, the customer got the sping feed promised which was the main thing.


Our large pond has totally collapsed, can you rebuild it and build us a waterfall?

From this photo it does not appear that the pond was very large, but see the photo in 'gallery' under old moated house for the final result. Now the plants on and around the rockery and waterfall are beginning to mature the feature in the six acre garden is a sight to behold.

Our banks have subsided into the river, can you rebuild to protect our garden?

What can we say? The banks have been reconstructed and the garden is no longer collapsing into the river - perfect result.


Can you provide us with a little summer colour next to our swimming pool?

Because we provide our customers with hanging baskets we were able to transform this area of the garden by the swimming pool patio very quickly by transplanting the contents of the baskets into the customers own containers thus creating a wonderful show of colour throughtout the summer months.

Is it possible for you to provide us with a hard landscaping and planting plan?

We nearly always supply our customers with full colour scaled plans, subject to these being approved and being given the go-ahead to do the work a charge for these would not normally be made - they would be free.


Maybe you have a job that needs doing in your garden, if so please do not hesitate to contact us, we are a 'friendly bunch' that love our gardens and feel if nothing else we can offer not only the ability and wherewith all to do the job, but also can do it in a manner that maybe reflects the 'old way' of giving service with a smile. We look forward to hearing from you

If you have any questions please get in touch.